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My Annual Giving Pledge

Our commitment to you: Wesley UMC will always use your gift responsibly and in a manner that will do the most good for our church and the community! In addition, we will always use your gift as you have designated it to be used. Your Annual giving pledge is a one-year pledge. Please choose how you would like to have your gift distributed between the 3 categories below. There is a pdf of the annual pledge card below.

  • Current Expenses: This category supports the ministry and program expenses of the church, salaries, utilities, shares of ministry, and other general operating expenses of the church.

  • Building Fund: This Fund directly supports the cost of our current mortgage by paying 1st the interest and if the interest is completely covered, the balance goes toward the mortgage principal.

  • Property Fund: This is a specific fund to cover the upkeep of the grounds, the church, the parsonage, and the replacement of equipment when necessary.

Annual Pledge Card
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(Download and Print)

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