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Pastor Bob Ryder

In July 2023, Rev. Bob Ryder was appointed by the bishops of the Susquehanna Conference to serve Wesley UMC. Pastor Bob earned his bachelor's degree in organizational management at Eastern University and his Master of Divinity at Wesley Theological Seminary. Bob has pastored churches large and small for 16 years. Below are a few highlights from Bob's bio.

  • I believe prayer is job number one in any area of the Christian life, in church life, and in ministry. John Wesley said it: "God does nothing except in response to believing prayer.”

  • Before pastoral ministry, I spent 23 years in business and IT consulting to the Fortune 1000.

  • I love ministry to all age groups. I find every age fun and engaging. Every age brings a unique but essential part to the Body of Christ.

Rev Bob Ryder 2020.jpg
From Pastor Bob:

     "In a few short weeks, I have fallen in love with the Wesley faith community! I feel like we are a great fit for each other. I am so excited about the way one can feel the moving of God's Spirit in this church and about the many ministries that are bearing fruit for God's kingdom at Wesley on the Hill! Further, Debbie and I are feeling so at home in the parsonage and in Marysville.

Here is Pastor Bob's first week with us at Wesley:

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